10 Foods that can Detox & Cleanse your Body

10 Foods that can Detox & Cleanse your Body

Detoxification is all about resting, cleansing and nourishing your body from inside to out. As per cultural practices this will eliminate toxins and feeding healthy nutrients to your body. The Detoxification process can contribute you protection against diseases and induce ability to maintain optimum health.

Also these food mentioned below will boost your metabolism, digestion that will allow you to control your weight and fortify immune system.


artichokes 1

Artichokes are best for body to purge itself the toxins and other elements that body doesn’t need for survive. It enhance the bile production of liver which helps the breakdown of foods  which results in effective use of nutrients to body. So in one glimpse Artichokes are best of effective function of liver.

Apart of benefits from liver, its filled with fiber, protein, magnesium, folate and potassium which is essential for stay healthy.


asparagus 1

Asparagus is not only ranked for detoxification process but it will help you in anti aging war, cancer protection, maintaining healthy heart and is an anti inflammatory food. It’s said that will help reduce the risk of breast cancer death and increase hope for survival.



Apples are full of nutrients like fibre, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial phytochemicals such as Glucarate, Flavonoids and terpenoids which helps detoxification process through stimulating bile production that will help in same. Also the soluble pectin fibre in apple can help detoxify metals and food additives from your body.


avocado 1

Avocados is packed with antioxidants which lowers cholesterol and dilates blood vessels at artery block by destroy toxicity. Glutathione  nutrient will help in detoxify liver from synthetic chemicals.

Consuming avocado can increase the level of good cholesterol and lower metabolic syndromes. Also helps in reduce body weight which you can stick to BMI and waist circumferences.


beetroot 1

Beetroot will boost your energy, lower your blood pressure, fight against cancer, reduce arthritic pain, boost brain and help to reduce weight. The phytochemicals and minerals in beetroot fight against infections, purify blood and cleanse liver. Also beetroot helps to increase intake of oxygen to body.

6. Broccoli


Broccoli enhance the enzymes in your liver to turn toxins into something that your body can simply eliminate. Consuming raw broccoli is considered most healthier while cooking or microwave can destroy the detoxify properties.

7. Garlic 


Garlic is most important piece in detoxification diet. Garlic will boost your immune system and helps with liver. The benefit of garlic is that it can use in supplement form if you don’t like the taste.

8. Ginger


If you suffer from fatty liver caused by consuming too much alcohol or toxic foods and drinks can be detoxified by chewing raw ginger or adding same to hot water.

9. Turmeric 


Consuming Turmeric tea with one week healthy diet can do a simple detoxification process. And it’s good to add detoxify foods.

10. Water


Drinking water is the essential need for the body to flush out toxins from the body. If you are exercise or use saunas you need to consume extra water to pull out toxins from body.

Also avoid the consumption of Alcohol, Tea/Coffee, Sweets and chocolate while doing detoxification. Overeating while detoxification will favor worst that help.


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