Advantages of Jute Bags


Jute fabrics are strong, durable, light, colour fast, attractive and cheaper than most fabrics made from other fibres. These are anti static, UV protective, carbon dioxide neutral and naturally decomposable i.e. free from the health hazards.

Jute fabrics are excellent raw materials for jute bags. The proposed unit will make high quality jute bags which have demand in the domestic market as well as in the foreign market.


Eco-friendly character the demand for jute yarn, jute fabrics and other jute items is increasing very fast. New technologies have evolved for bulk use of jute as a raw material in the production of high value added and price competitive final products.


As most of us are not familiar with the benefits of the jute as it is a very useful material. Here is some benefit of Jute material over other synthetic materials.

  • Jute is a fiber type material which can be used to make various types of different products and goods like jute bags, jute carpets, jute rugs, jute shopping bags, jute stationery, jute furniture, jute crafts, this list is never ending. So many usable products can be made from jute.
  • Jute is Cheaper as compared to other stuff and material, thus we can also save money up to some extent.
  • It would open doors for those persons who are willing to start their own business but are not able to do so just because of money. Business of selling jute products can be started by a very low capital, thus it will further solve the unemployment problem upto a more extent in the urban areas of the world. As more and more people are becoming aware about our environment concerns and the benefits of jute, thus the demand for these products will only grow.
  • Jute is biodegradable material thus is very beneficial for our environment.
  • As jute is grown by the farmers in rural areas thus if jute and its various products are much sought and sold in the market, then it would be a very big support for this rural people. This way most of the rural people would get employment and entrepreneurs would start setting up jute industries in those backward areas which would result in overall development of those areas. This would solve the migration of people from rural areas to urban areas, thus reducing the burden over the infrastructure of the urban areas.
  • The over all life standard of such people of backward areas will improve and they would be able to spend some money for themselves. This would help in bringing inclusive growth for those developing countries.
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