Amul Kool MIlk

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Amul Kool Milk is delicious drink for refreshing your body and mind with the goodness of milk. All the products are available in servings of 200 ml or 250 ml. These products are packed with highly nutritious and tasty contents.

Amul Kool Beverage ranges:

  • Amul Kool Flavoured Milk
  • Amul Kool Cafe
  • Amul Kool KoKo
  • Amul Kool Milk Shake

Amul Kool Flavoured Milk

Amul Kool Flavoured Milk have three flavours, Elaichi, Kesar, Rose which is available in Glass Bottles, Tetra Pack and Pet bottles of 200 ml. The Sterilized Homogenized flavoured toned Milk added with sugar is a healthy drink for all age group.

Amul Kool Cafe

Amul Kool Cafe is Sterilized Homogenized Flavored Toned Milk with Coffee and sugar. This is the best Cool Coffee you can available in nation which is good to get to refresh yourself on the move. Kool Cafe is available in Tetra pack and Glass bottle of 200ml and Can of 250ml.

Amul Kool KoKo

Amul Kool KoKo is Sterilized Homogenized Double Toned Milk with Cocoa Solids, Water and sugar. If you are real chocolate lover you will have this twice a day, because its so chocolatey and delicious with milk which makes you get addicted to this. The Kool KoKo is available in Packs of 200 ml Glass Bottle and Tetra Pack and 250 ml Can.

Amul Kool Milk Shake

Amul Kool Milk Shake is milk shake range of product from amul which is available on Strawberry and Badam on 200 ml packs.

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