Best Alternative Apps for Android users

Best Alternative Apps for Android users

Android OS is best hear for high end customization and millions of applications on and off store. But most of us never explore the capability of the Android OS and blame on the System or operating system when the device crash. Here we feature the best and high performance application that can replace your pre installed apps.

Best Alternative Apps for Android users 

UX/UI Launcher

Most of the device have the manufactures UI in top of the Stock Android OS and most us satisfied on the same while they lack of performance and features. And if you need more and want to get a fresh look over your phone try these Launchers

  • Google LauncherIn the name itself its branded by Google and you can expect an built quality of nexus devices in the Google Launcher also. Moreover you can experience the Stock Android and its performance in the Google Launcher.
  • Nova LauncherThis launcher is most known in the wide options for customization and you can add badges to the notification in this launcher.


Most of the manufacturers make thier own skin for keyboards and some make the same on stock keyboards. But they don’t help you in functionality and usability you deserve. Try these keyboards and we are sure that you won’t use your factory preset keyboards again.

  • SwiftKeyThis keyboards offers some themes and easy prediction capabilities which improve the texting and typing speed. Also you can split the keyboards in the tablet mode using swiftkey texting tool.
  • SwypeYou can swipe over keyboard for texting in the swype and the same feature is available with some manufactures preset keyboard.

Music Player 

Your default music player or the google preloaded music play does not make any sense in ordering and playing the music upon your customisation. And installing music apps can enable you to modify the amplifiers and ensure the better audio performance over headphone and speakers. The best of the music applications available now are :

  • PowerAmpIn this app you can get feature such as sound customisation and amplify the sound and you can customise the profile on your headphones and speakers separately which enhance the performance of audio in these two conditions.
  •  MusicMatchThis application is best option for those want to see lyrics while you listening the music. The app will find the lyrics of the song from the database.


You prebuilt camera apps and setting will be never a good one to explore the maximum of your photography skills. Compared to the manufacturer apps these apps feel to be best in class:

  • Google CameraApart of Google Brand the Application is Simple and easy to use one. Also you can get an point and  shoot experience in this app. Also there are handful photo modes and presets that is helpful to various condition of photography.
  •  Camera FV-5This application allow lot of customization and you can also shoot RAW Images, long exposure shoot and custom shutter speed with smartphones.


Most of the manufacturer never make an featured UI on the Gallery App let the users think for third party Gallery apps and in thousands for Gallery apps its difficult to find the best. And on our research we found two of the Gallery app which we found good to use.

  • QuickPic In this app you can have a handful useful features such as password locking, editing and organisation which look the gallery much better than the default gallery.
  • TidyTidy is much more competitive Gallery app available online which is rich in editing and organizing features.


Making alerts on Important and let you read the inbox to zero is the primary factor that to note for all Email Apps. But the Stock Email app have no sense to detect the marketing emails so your inbox will be full and which let you never notice the important mails.

  • Inbox : Launched as beta version but the build perfection and multitude features make the praised for the next generation Email Application. In Inbox the Google feature intuitive design and ticket like reminders and emails that let the user experience a new world in emailing .
  • NineThis is another great email app which is simple and intuitive thus you can make the inbox simple.


Most of the android delivers are built with the default AOSP Browser and some with the Google’s Chrome pre installed. Chrome is the best Browser and the other default browser are outdated. And on browser war Chrome, Firefox and Opera will be on competition which is beneficial to the users. And the Firefox and Opera browser is best know to Low data consumption and faster processes.

File Explorer 

The Stock File browser never have the features and support you looking for or some manufacturer not even include in pre installed apps  . Then its best to add some brilliant third party apps which is capable of all actions.

  • ES File ExplorerThis Application support network drives and root feature and more.
  • File CommanderThis is another app which share the most of the features of ES Explorer and also included some additional features.

Video Player

Most of the stock video players don’t have the features and also don’t support all the video formats. Then its good to install some 3rd party video players which plays most of the codec and have awesome features.

  • MX Player This player support most of the video formats, h/w and s/w rending. And we personally advice MX Player be with your App list.
  • VLCVLC is well known Desktop Video Player that work with most of the formats and its also available in android with same features and support.

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