Best Food for Sleep

best n worst sleep food

The Food that consumed for sleep is two types, the sleep promoting foods and sleep disturbing foods. Here is the full list of both.

Best Food for Sleep

1, Cherries

Cherries contain the body’s internal clock controlling chemicals called melatonin. So eating cherries or drinking cherry juice results a remarkable change in duration and quality of sleep.

2, Milk

Amino acid tryptophan in the milk precursor the brain serotonin which stimulates easier sleep.

3, Rice

Rice is listed high on glycemic index, which produce tryptophan and release glucose gradually into the bloodstream.

4, Cereal

Consuming a bowl of cereals such as shredded wheat, quinoa, barley or buckwheat with milk can promote sound sleep.

5, Banana

Potassium and Magnesium in Banana will effect best in relaxing muscles and hence induce a sound sleep.

6, Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato contain complex carbohydrates as well as  muscle relaxant potassium  which provides a sound sleep over night.


Worst Food for Sleep

1, Cheeseburger

Any food contain too much of fat is sleep killer. Consuming Fatty food stimulate the acid production in stomach, which can spill to your esophagus, which can cause heartburn. So if you think for a sound sleep first up all cut the Cheese and fatty food at evening.

2, Coffee

Drinking coffee can keep you up at night due to caffeine content which is a central nervous stimulant.

3, Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates contain lot of caffeine and theobromine which will increase the heart rate and disturb sleep.

4, Spicy Dishes

Spices can cause heartburn which can effect worse for sleep.


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