Care of your Skin Naturally


We always love to have a glowing skin without pimples, dark spots, dark circles .Their are many natrual ways to care your skin naturally and  get beautiful Skin.Avoid using toxic chemical products to skin care and use natural items .People are with different skin tones  so care your skin in the way suites with skin tones.Use quality skin care products from best Brands matches with your skin tones.


Make your Diet with more Fibers


Healthy skin needs a healthy body.Avoid junk foods nad add more fibers and Fruits to your diet,Add more proteins to your daily food like nuts,fish, vegetables like broccoli,brown rice and quinoa,  tomato and very helpful for glowing your skin and avoid health issues.

Drink plenty of water


Drinking water is helps your body functions.Water purify the impurities in our body.Drinking at least 2 liters per day gives the skin a noticeable change in skin with a week.  Have more water in everyday and make skin more bright.

Green Tea

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Green tea helps for diet control and helps stomach problem.Green tea is an excellent source antioxidants helps to clear stomach. Green tea also has small amounts of minerals so have green tea daily .

Daily Exercise


Daily Exercise  increases the circulation of oxygen and nutrients in our body. Exercise increase blood circulation and thus the cells grows,Exercise releases impurities through sweat, which clearer the skin.  Do some daily exercise for your face and skin.

Protect Skin from Sun

Sun is a great source for vitamin D.But the  UV rays from sun harms your skin and over exposure to the rays may cause cancer,so care skin from these harmful rays and apply sunscreens while moving outsides and protect your Skin.




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