How to Charge your Android phone faster

5 Tips to Charge your Android phone faster
  • 5 Tips to Charge your Android phone faster


Find the Best Charger and Plug, Turn Airplane Mode On, Turn phone off, Turn off unnecessary features Read more

How to Charge your Android phone faster

Charging an Android phone completely is more complex than making it empty. Sometime even we plug in the device the phone will never charge to full even the half in prescribed time period. But with some certain conditions and tips you can make the phone charged faster than the prescribed time period.

5 Tips to Charge your Android phone faster

1, Find the Best Charger and Plug

Even though the android device chargers are universal ensure that you are using the charger manufacturers are given to you while purchasing. Even though you use the charges of same os don’t mix up with charger of another operating system which have another strategy for charging. Also avoid plugging your phone to computer or laptop while on work this will keep slowing down the charging speed as well as Wireless Charging.

2, Turn Airplane Mode On

Enable the airplane mode in you device to charge quickly the device. While on Airplane mode it will blocks all radiations which reduce the phone battery use up to 25%, you can’t access any network facility now. And charging then can make your phone faster than in normal scenario.

3, Turn Off the phone and charge

If you want to charge momently and need not need the phone for a while turn off the phone and put it on charging.

4, Turn off unnecessary features

If you are working in a application and you need not to get phone on offline or off you better to switch all unnecessary features off like bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, NFC etc. And close the background running apps and stop updates and sync processes before putting it for charge.

5, Most important thing to remember Don’t touch the phone.

If you have important calls or messages or mail let it come on time. But never ever turn on display and check the arrival, because display is major battery drainer in android phone and you can find that on battery details in settings.

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