Five ways to make water taste better

Five ways to make water taste better

Not everybody has a taste for water, but we all need to ensure that our bodies continue functioning properly. here are some tips that can drink water that can make it more taste.

Use Juice:

any fruit juice can be a great base flavor for water, but tart juices like pomegranate, grapes, and apple are delicious for our body control.  juices that are all naturals which no added color or ingredients.  fruits juices not just for the taste, it contains full of vitamins that benefit your health too.

Add fresh fruit:

Citrus fruits such as lemon, lime, and orange are classic water enhancers, but other fruit flavors might also temp to your taste buds, try crushing fresh lemon or watermelon in your water or add fresh mint are delicious and refreshing flavors as well.

Make it bubbly:

many people prefer the sparkling to still water, the plain old water is not inspiring you, but added mineral water which will give you more refreshment and taste.

Get creative with ice:

Ice water tastes better than water served at room temperature, flavored ice cubes may make an even better drink. use some of the flavored cubes like mint, lemon or cucumber and add it to the water and drink. it will be a delicious for the health also.

Drink Tea:

Herbal, green or red tea are better for the health rather than black tea or coffee. because they contain little to no caffeine. drinking these type of tea is better for the mind strong too.

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