Godrej No.1 Honey & Glycerin soap

Godrej No.1's new Honey & Glycerin soap

Godrej No.1’s new Honey & Glycerin soap gives you irresistibly soft skin in winters through the magic of honey and glycerin. Honey has been a part of winters in India, as much as the morning mist. For generations honey has been known for moisturization and nourishment of the skin or even giving it a golden glow. Likewise glycerine, apart from moisture enhancement helps in creating a layer on the skin, protecting it from harsh winters by retaining the natural moisture of the skin. The new Godrej No.1 soap is inspired from this tradition to give its consumers a natural winter care solution.

Godrej No. 1 Honey & Glycerin soap is available at all convenience stores and retail outlets across the country in – following pack size: 125 gm pack of 3 at Rs.110 and 75 gm pack of 3 at Rs. 68, 50gm pack of 3 at Rs 45.

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