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Protekt range comprising a hand sanitizer, three handwashes and a skin spray mosquito repellent.

Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) unveiled five clean, green, happy products today under the Protekt range comprising a hand sanitizer, three handwashes and a skin spray mosquito repellent.

godrej protekt

Godrej protekt Masterblaster hand wash

masterblaster in a handwash?

What would you name the world’s best hand wash? Here’s a clue.
Who is the best cricketer in the world? Sachin – the master blaster!

It does to germs what the original master blaster did to bowlers.

A naturally derived triclosan-free formula packed in a 100% recyclable bottle that washes the germs away like nobody’s business – while of course leaving your hands soft, the environment clean and your nose delighted.

The master blaster, indeed.

Godrej protekt masterchef’s handwash

Hands reminding you of the meal you had?

A drop of naturally derived Godrej protekt masterchef’s handwash can set it right – no smell, no grease, no germs: just squeaky clean hands.

A 98% biodegradable triclosan-free hand wash in a recyclable bottle – whether after cooking or after eating, it’s one recipe you’d definitely want to try.

By the way, if you use it before the meal, it also washes away the germs.

Godrej protekt happyfoam

Getting dirty little monsters to be clean
little angels monsters?
oh, that’s a tough one.

Maybe you should get a handwash they will love to play with!
Godrej protekt happy foam can help – a bubbly soft, triclosan-free super-mild handwash your little brat would love to play with.

Embrace clean, germ-free, hands that smell like fresh green apples – it’s a dream packed in a cute purple (recyclable) bottle.

Godrej protekt BUZZ OFF anti-mosquito spray

When your kids are playing outdoors, the mosquitoes keep buzzing in your head.

Spray Godrej protekt BUZZ OFF anti-mosquito spray on your little one’s skin and forget the mosquito buzz for eight long hours.

This water – based spray loves your skin like no other – no wonder it’s creating a quite a buzz!

Godrej protekt  hand sanitizer

‘not just another hand sanitizer’

An ordinary hand sanitizer stops working as you touch something. The alcohol in it dries your
palms and the triclosan does more bad than good.

Our sanitizer protects you from germs for 8 hours, is naturally derived and alcohol free.

We didn’t know of any other sanitizer that packs all this in such a nice little recyclable
spray bottle.

That’s why we call it ‘not just another’ hand sanitizer. Anything, but ordinary.


Speaking on the launch, Nisaba Godrej, Executive Director, Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) said, “Protekt is our quirky take on health products. We believe being healthy should be a delightful process and therefore have spent a lot of effort in making our products smell great, look wonderful and be skin and environment friendly while they keep you healthy. We hope people love using them as much as we do.”



Sunil Kataria, Chief Operating Officer, Sales, Marketing and SAARC, GCPL, said, “As a brand, we believe in constantly innovating and creating convenient, interesting formats, catering to the needs of an ever evolving customer base. The new range of Godrej Protekt fits the bill completely. The Protekt range with a clean-green-happy conscience includes a Hand Sanitizer, Happy Foam – a foaming handwash for kids, Masterchef’s handwash built to fight stubborn kitchen odours and Masterblaster – a hand wash that leaves your hands soft and germ-free. These products will not only deliver guaranteed nonstop protection but also attach a feeling of happiness to the methods of sanitation. Protekt will definitely change people’s perspective towards the personal sanitation and protection category thus giving the segment an upward growth trend.”


Protekt protects (obviously) from nasty germs, nagging mosquitoes, painful infections and trips to the doctors.

There’s also something more we hold dear. We call it clean. green. happy.

Clean is not just what our products do, but the way we make our products. No harmful chemicals. No irritants. No false claims. Nothing dirty. Just awesome great-smelling products with a clean conscience. Green is where our products come from. The Protekt Hand Sanitizer has 98% naturally derived ingredients. Ditto for our handwash. And it’s all packed in delightfully designed totally recyclable little bottles. Happy is how you feel when you use Protekt. And happy is how we feel when you are Protekt’ed.
Protekt is the best way to protect what you love! Get yourself love from here .



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