How to Stay Cool Despite the Summer Heat

How to Stay Cool Despite the Summer Heat

Summer is the Season you exercise for, but now that it’s here. how do you keep your fitness routine in check without collapsing from the heat? here some of the tips to stay cool during those hot summer months.

Keep your body correctly hydrated.

It is very important to keep your body hydrated. You should start drinking water at least 15 mins before exercising. for every 20 minutes, spent working out 8 ounces of water to be consumed. this is where the water loss during exercise comes into play, therefore, weigh yourself before and after your workout.

Pick up the right Sport.

Some sports become more popular to stay cool in the summer season. It is the water sports like swimming, surfing and diving allow you to stay cool under water’s refreshing and cooling properties while still keeping you outdoors. and the summer season also great for the off-season sports like ice hockey, skating etc. these winter sports always require a cold temperature to keep the proper climate. so it will good to beat the heat.

Take the Excercise indoors.

It is great to take the workout outdoors. but when the temperature gets a bit too high, the easiest way to avoid the heat is to stay inside altogether. so it’s better to take your exercise like gym or games indoors to skip the heats.

Avoid the Sun when it’s strogest.

If it is possible, try avoiding exercise when the sun is at it’s strongest. in the middle of the day (between around 10 am to 4 pm). instead, opt for some exercise in the early or late evening, when it’s most likely to be cool out.

Excercise in Short, Regular Bursts outside

The heat can be oppressive, but another option to stay outside is to exercise is short bursts throughout the day instead of in one long. concentrated stretch. instead, of exercising outside for an hour, try exercising in four 15 minutes segments throughout the day.

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