OneDayCart: Kerala’s Premium Online Shopping Site


The finest Online portal to buy grocery, fruits, vegetables, personal care and beauty care products and much more… introduces the smartest online shop for Keralites to purchase grocery, fruits and vegetables, personalcare, beautycare products, electronic gadgets. And the list is extended as time goes.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Being one of the best online portals in Kochi, OneDayCart  offers truly the finest shopping experience to its customers. There’re several reasons that make us different.

#Wide Array of Products Across Various Categories

Onedaycart delivers thousands of products from world’s most trusted brands in various categories. This includes grocery, fruits and vegetables, wellness care, beauty care, baby care products, electronic gadgets etc..

#Prompt Delivery

The exciting part is that you can order your products from the comfort of your home. We’ll get them delivered at your doorstep in one day.

#Care and Concern for Clients

We offer matchless support to our clients. You can reach us via phone, skype or mail or even through our social media pages if you have any queries or concerns. We make sure that you get your order delivered with complete quality and care for your loyalty.

#Value for Your Money

You get the quality products from renowned brands with the best value for your money. Through consistent research, we strive to offer our services and products in the finest way possible to make it the perfect online platform for shopping.

To experience what really makes us different, check out www.onedaycart .com. We’re sure you’ll find a whole new arena for shopping.

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