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Lifebuoy Soap is available in bar, liquid hand wash, and hand sanitizer.Buy all these products at Onedaycart from here.

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Lifebuoy the worlds No.1 Selling Germ protection soap has journeyed from a humble beginnings of being a chunky red bar of soap started by William Lever with a goal of stop cholera in England at 1894.

In 1914 Lifebuoy soap sent to soldiers during World War 1 to keep the soldiers healthy and hygienic and best able to serve. 1921 Lifebuoy launched character based campaign – Mother, the health doctor campaign.

In 1930 Campaign to fight body odour launches. In same 1930’s Lifebuoy conducts training programs in schools showing the importance of hand washing. During the world war 2 time Lifebuoy provides emergency bath facilities.

In 2005 Lifebuoy awarded “Citizen Brand” accolade. In 2012 India celebrates one year without polio.

Over the century, Lifebuoy evolved into a worldwide brand bringing better health and hygiene to billions. Today Lifebuoy products range from general to specialized products across formats, offering solution in the heath care.

Lifebuoy has a strong social mission based on rural hygiene program, “Khushiyon Ki Doli” propagate the importance of hand washing to reduce the rate of diarrheal deaths. And Lifebuoy awarded the Bronze Global Effie award for the Super fast Hand wash campaign.

Lifebuoy is available in bar soaps, liquid hand wash, and hand sanitizer:

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