New Android Nougat with Coolest Features You Might Have Missed


Google released Android Nougat for Nexus owners with some new headlining features. Multi-window support and bundled notifications . Android Nougat offer some more new cool features we found even more treats that you might’ve missed.

Battery life

Android  introduced a powerful battery saving feature that disabled most of the things that drain your battery and help to optimize the battery life. You will get the same battery if you not used phone while you are traveling.

Better Notification

Android has an options for managing which apps can send you notifications buried deep within it. In new Android Nougat if you don;t like to see any notification you can long-press it to see options to get of the notification.  You can also have the option to block all notifications for that app.

No More Waiting to Optimize Apps

Google’s made a change to the run time of all apps skips the optimization step entirely, and makes the process much faster. This will help to install the apps more faster. Instead of hours we can install app in minutes.

Better security

Android phones phases security issues and its a biggest drawback of Android phones. Now the new Android will able to over come these security related issues.

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