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PepsiCo Story : PepsiCo Inc was established in 1965 with the merge of Pepsi Cola and Frito Lays.

pepsico story

PepsiCo Inc was established in 1965 with the merge of Pepsi Cola and Frito Lays. Pepsi Cola was found in late 1890 and the major products of the company were : Pepsi Cola (1898), Diet Pepsi (1964) and Mountain Dew (1948). Frito Lay Inc was launched on 1938 and the major products of the company were : Cheetos (1948), Ruffles (1958) and Rold Gold brand Pretzels (1961).

In 1966 Doritos brand tortilla chips were introduced in US and it become popular snack chip. Also pepsi enters Japan and Eastern European Markets. And in 1970 pepsi introduced the industry’s first two liter bottle. In 1971, Pepsi Cola introduced the modern looking logo featuring the red, white and blue color scheme which adopted in 1943.

In 1973, PepsiCo  Inc established Frito-Lays International brand to market snack food around the world. In 1974 pepsi become the first American product produced and marketed in Soviet Union. In 1976, Pepsi Light the lemon taste cola was introduced as an alternative to traditional diet colas. Same year pepsi becomes the number one Cola Drink in Supermarkets.

In 1977 PepsiCo acquires Pizza Hut Inc, next year it acquires Taco Bell Noodles. In 1981 Tostitos brand crispy round chips was introduced by Frito-Lays. In 1982 Pepsi Free and Diet Pepsi Free, first caffeine free colas were introduced. Also PepsiCo start operations in China.

In 1984, Slice and Diet Slice were introduced and in 1986 PepsiCo purchase KFC and Mug Root Beer. In 1989 Walkers Crisps and Smith Crips launched in UK. And Lays brand was introduced by 1995.

PepsiCo enters Indian market with Tropicana Juices in 1999.

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