Power Banks : Pick the Right one for you

Power Banks

Most of the smartphone today run out of battery while we using them in our day to day actions, so we need an additional power back ups for our smart devices to being smart from dawn to dusk.

Most common we buy a branded power bank stick to our budget, but it might not be good for our device to charge it once if you are using a tablet or phablet. So before buying a Power Bank for your device, go through the main idea’s about the power bank and your device.

  1. Always choose a power bank that has larger capacity than your device. If you have an 1600 mAh device buy a 2000 mAh device for single charge and if you need multiple charges go for higher.
  2. If you use multiple devices, pick a power bank with multiple USB ports to charge more devices simultaneously. Also ensure the USB ports are compatible with your devices.
  3. There are two types of power banks : Li-Po(Lithium-polymer) and Li-ion (Lithium-ion). iPhones have Li-Po battery and Li-ion is found on most android phones. Before buy ensure what kind battery your device have and its power specifications.

Best Seller Power Bank

  • Power Ace Rapid Power 10400 mAh : Smartphone Charger with 6 Hrs Charging Time for  10400 mAh capacity. It has two power outputs, one of 1 A and the other of 2 A. Battery Type : Lithium-ion, Output Power : USB 5V 1000 mAh. Weight : 245 g. Price : 1099
  • Ambrane P-444 4000 mAh Power Bank4000 mAh pocket friendly & lightweight power bank with power button, indicator lights, Single USB port and LED Torch. Battery Type : Lithium Ion, Output Power : DC 5V. Weight : 110 g. Price : 499
  • Ambrane P-1310 13000 mAhSleek and Stylish with LED Torch,  indicator lights, power button & Dual USB output. Lithium-ion Battery with DC 5V Output power. Weight : 250 g. Price : 1199
  • Honor Powerbank 13000 mAh13000mAh, 5V 2A power bank with dual USB ports. Over charge and discharge protection with short circuit protection. Aluminum Unibody. Price : 1399

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