Pumpkin’s Six Health Benefits

Pumpkin's Six Health Benefits

1, Make you Fuller

Pumpkin and its seed is packed with fiber. Fiber help to keep you fuller longer also control your hunger and quantity of intake.

2, Boost Vision

A cup of sliced pumpkin has twice the amount of daily recommended vitamin A intake. Vitamin A promotes vision in dim lights and also help in slow the decline of retinal function for those who having retinitis pigmentosa.

3, Prevent hypertension

Pumpkin Seed is full of phytoestrogen which prevents hypertension also help in maintain lower blood pressure.

4, Relax Better

Pumpkin seeds are rich in tryptophan which is a key amino acid to relax and unwind the muscle which offer a sound sleep afterwards.

5, Cancer protective

Pumpkin is rich in Beta-carotene and antioxidants which helps to protect body from cancer activities. Also it controls the unhealthy prostate growth in men. Also have Zinc that is good for men’s health.

6, Healthier Heart

Lowers the coronary heart disease due to abundant fiber content.

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