Samsung Galaxy S6 announced, Video teaser hints metal body & thin bezel

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Teaser Released


Samsung Galaxy S6 new flagship model of Samsung Mobiles, teaser released online read the blog to know more details on the Device.


Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung released the video teaser titled The Next Galaxy regarding the launch of Galaxy S6. The teaser hints the Galaxy S6 is an all metallic body phone.

The teaser visualize the liquid metal sliding along the phone edges, and voice over “Borders will disappear”, “Reflection will be free” hints S6 will have a Extremely thin bezels on the side and an anti-reflective coating. The teaser also remind a brief hint of a curved edge display and as per industrial reports Samsung Galaxy S Edge will have Edge Screen on both side and some rumors that the teaser is the about New Galaxy S Edge.

The Galaxy S6 may feature an Ultra 4K HD 5.3″ AMOLED display, a 64 bit Exynos 7420 or Snapdragon 810 processor depending on  markets. 20 MP Main camera and 5 MP wide front camera. The device is expected to have Exynos 7 and LTE, On testing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chip set found over heating which made Samsung to drop the use of 810 Soc. But Qualcomm is reworking on Snapdragon 810 Soc for the flagship model.

As per reports the 32GB variant likely to priced about Rs.59,000 , 64GB for Rs.66,000 and 128GB for Rs.73,000.

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