Secure your WhatsApp Chats

Secure your WhatsApp Chats
  • Secure your WhatsApp Chats


8 Tips to Secure your WhatsApp Chats : Avoid Scammer and others to access your whatsapp account have a high privacy chatting experience.

Secure your WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp Chats are more than a simple messenger app for us. Even the people is spending more of their life time in sending messages through whatsApp rather than checking the mails and facebook. You can send your photos, videos, account details and contacts through WhatsApp. So the personal data you sending must be secure and avoid wicked minds to use them. Follow these security tips and Secure your WhatsApp Chats with you dear ones.

  1. Lock WhatsApp: Locking the app using a password and PIN can safeguard the you account not being used by others even if your phone is stolen or lost. WhatsApp doesnt offer a password protection option but there are other application which you can protect the application with individual password protection. Lock for WhatsApp, Secure Chat are few of most used application for locking WhatsApp.
  2. Exclude the WhatsApp images to PhotoStream : Excluding your WhatsApp images from the PhotoStream will avoid the personal photos appear in general photostream. In iPhone this can be changed in Settings Menu>Privacy>Photos>Deselect WhatsApp from list. In Android by using third part file explorer like ES File Explorer, find the WhatsApp Media folder and create a file in both images and videos called .nomedia.
  3. Hide Last Seen : Turn the last seen timestamp off this can be done from : Profile>Privacy>Last Seen and turn it off. This can avoid the scammers knowing even you are online or offline.
  4. Restrict Access of WhatsApp Profile Picture : Unlike other website rate of changing profile picture in WhatsApp is higher and these photo is set to be seen to public in normal settings and even you use the same image in other social media scammers can find your related accounts. So set you profile sharing to contacts only in privacy settings.
  5. Avoid Scams : WhatsApp never send messages to you or either mail to you for any changes or subscription or follow some link. These are from the scammers which will cause certain advantages for them. And remember WhatsApp can directly contact you via Notification in App rather than message.
  6. If your phone is lost/stolen : If your phone is stolen first lock you SIM through network providers and ask for a duplicate SIM of same number which will issue from you network provider. The after replacing the SIM to a different phone log on to that. As per WhatsApp strategy only a single device can be use a number. And this will instantly block the account being used on your old phone. If its not possible deactivate the account.
  7. Careful on your chats : Never provide credential  details such as passwords, your Identification details or bank accounts details through the WhatsApp Chats.
  8. Log out the Web App after use : WhatsApp web launch recently is a convenient method to chat from your computer. And log out of the web app after its used to avoid third person see your chats.

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