Smartphones 2014

Smartphones 2014
  • Smartphone 2014


This year Smartphone users got a numerous phone with amazing features and pricing. And be mentioned one of Luckiest year for both users and manufacturers.


This the end of 2014, the lucky year for most of electronics manufacturers and stockists. About users this year we got a numerous phone with amazing  features and pricing. And when we talk about the Most Searched and Fast Selling Android Smartphones Motorola’s all latest models Moto G, Moto E, Moto X and Samsung Galaxy Grand and Galaxy S5 were on top amongst all with price and features.



Anyhow the Xiaomi Mi 3 is the latest sensation and everyone is now focusing Xiaomi’s other models also. Well its good for other chinese brands who wish to come to India.

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As in previous years the premium smartphone segment is safe with Apple iphone now also. Apple launched Iphone 6 on October 17 and thousands of phone is sold over india with in this three months. And iphone 5s is also a fast selling product this year with more than 5 lakhs sale.

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The cross-platform experiment of Nokia, the X-series created a new OS culture for whom like to stay with Nokia and enjoy features in Android. Nokia X and Nokia XL is get good feedback from whole over the nation. Also Microsoft Lumia 535 released recently on comparatively smart price is also a trend setter and hope people who go for many features on a stick to budget prefer this.

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Apart of this LG, Sony, Oppo, Asus, HTC, have created their own presence with amazing phone which combines with innovation and technology. Nexus 6, Nexus 5, Nexus 9, Asus Padfone Mini, Sony Z series, Oppo Smartphones are few of them.

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