Spicy Masala Paniyaram

Spicy Masala Paniyaram

Spicy Masala Paniyaram is a special breakfast prepared by using the idly batter, Onion and Green chili. It’s very tasty & soft breakfast can make easily, Which having special pan to prepare this one called paniyara pan. The chutney is the best combination of masala paniyaram.

Spicy Masala Paniyaram
Spicy Masala Paniyaram is a tasty & soft breakfast Prepared By using idly batter.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 10

  • Idly Batter -1Cup
  • Onion -1 Nos
  • Green Chili -4 Nos
  • Curry leaves -Few
  • Carrot -1 Nos
  • Oil -As Required
  • Mustard -1 Tea Spoon
  • Salt -To taste

Instructions:Heat the pan with oil, Add the mustard, curry leaves into it. Thin sliced onion, Green chili and carrot added to the pan when the onion color changed to brownish switch off the gas. After cooling the prepared mixture added into the idly batter, heat the paniyara pan, then using some oil on each pit of the pan then fill each pit with mixture. Cook it for 5 minutes, Cook both sides equally when the paniyaram become brown color it will be ready to serve.

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