Tata Tetley Green Tea Launches Ground-Breaking Functional Innovation with ‘Super Green Tea’

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Tata Tetley Green Tea has launched a range of ‘super green teas’ that are the first functional green teas

In an ambitious move, Tata Tetley Green Tea has launched a range of ‘super green teas’ that are the first functional green teas with proven health benefits.

Tetley’s four new Super Green Teas are supported by European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) approved health claims, relating to supporting your immune system and helping reduce tiredness and fatigue.

For immune system support, Tetley is launching Tetley Super Green Tea Immune which contains Vitamin C and comes in two delicious flavours – Tropical or Lemon and Honey.

Tata Tetley Green Tea

Or for a healthy pick-me-up to reduce tiredness, Tetley Super Green Tea Boost with added vitamin B6 comes in Berry Burst and also Lime flavours.

In addition to the vitamin enhancement the new range delivers on taste too. The teas use premium natural flavours, which have been slow dried to lock in the flavour. This makes a real difference to the taste of the teas and overcomes the disappointment many consumers experience with the taste of green tea.

“It’s really important that we not only delivered these two very important health benefits, but also developed the best tasting green teas to address the taste issue some consumers have with green tea. We know this will help drive the category forward and excite new consumers to try green tea” says Alex Snowden, Senior Brand Manager at Tetley.

In blind testing, the new teas scored the highest for appeal and taste beating 20 other green teas including the market leaders.

Sales of green tea have increased significantly in recent years, growing at 17% year on year which is driven by over 250,000 new consumers drinking green tea as people become more health conscious.

“We believe that there is a strong market for Tetley Super Green teas,’” says Andrew Pearl, Director of Customer and Shopper marketing. “2.5m cups of green tea are drunk everyday in the UK and one in three of us take vitamins or supplements on a daily basis. The £400m vitamin market, combined with the interest tea drinkers have in health and their willingness to try something new creates a really positive sales environment.”

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