Testdroid for Android App Developers

Testdroid for Android App Developers
  • Testdroid for Android App Developers


As every devices are different Android App Developers need to test on each device to get user friendly apps. Here is a simple test tool Testdroid for Android App Developers to rid this problem

What Android App Developers must know

The User Experience the final word about the success and failure of an Android App. Most common feedback in play store is Not working, Crashing, Unstable or sluggish UI.

The most important of factors in success of an app are Performance, Quality and Robustness across the various mobile devices. Each and every mobile phone is different based on user and its hardware even the OS version are identical. So Android App Developers will be on a great trouble to make test on individual devices to make it user friendly.

Testdroid for Android App Developers

So for better experience use Testdroid for Android App Developers cloud an online cloud based  platform for mobile developers to test the apps which can test for different devices that their customer uses. All the test are automates and uses standard android instrumentation and different frameworks. And you can avail the Tutorials of the Test Instrumentation if you are not familiar with this. The screenshots and log of the bugs and error with the performance analysis and success-failure rate can be outputted as a report.



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