Tips for Keeping Clothes Clean & Smelling Fresh in this Monsoon



Keeping your clothes clean and smelling fresh during the monsoon season,We need to follow some ideas for dry clothes on a rainy day.

Use smelling detergent:The combination of rain and temperature hard to keep dry & dirty smell comes from wet clothes.Use perfect detergent for dingy clothes,It make clean and fresh the clothes.After dry the clothes they give lovely fragrance.


Drip dry the clothes:The clothes first drip dry well before it bring to hanger.Which allow to dry under the fan they help for dry your clothes quickly in the monsoon.

Use hangers:Wash wet clothes as soon as possible and hang that to dry outside.Open the windows and ventilation,The fresh air will dry your clothes.The clothes can be placed the cupboard on your cloth line.

clothes hanger

Add vinegar:Add a cup of vinegar in to wash,It help for cleaning the clothes. Vinegar will neutralize dirty and clean your dress with pleasant smell.

 Moisture levels:Keep the salt in the corner of the room,It will be absorbs the moisture in the room.Which also help for reducing the formation of fungus in your room.


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