10 Tips to Get Slim and Attractive Body

weight-blogBeing slender is sexy. But it’s not just about looks. Rather, it’s more about being healthy and attractive. It’s not necessary to spend hours at the Gym or starve yourself to keep your body slim. Here are 10 shortcuts that slim people follow to keep themselves slim

#1 No Need to Overdo:

Stick on to a simple fitness regime that suits to your body and lifestyle. No need to overdo any exercise to have a slim body. For instance, you need not do 200 sit ups when 25 is enough.

#2 Use smaller plates:  

It’s observed that we tend to eat an average of 92% of what we put on our plate. So it’s better to try small plates if you really want to lose weight.

#3 Increase Water Intake

Researches reveal that drinking 500 ml of water boosts the amount of calories you burn by 30%. If you find it difficult to intake sufficient amount of water, try to use a bigger glass. As it can prompt you to drink the whole amount of water you fill in it.

#4 Exercise When and Where You Can:

Exercise is essential to keep yourself slim. And it doesn’t work if you do it in excess in one day and leave it. You have to be consistent. Make it a habit and enjoy doing it.

#5 Listen to Your Body

Yes, you have to listen to your body. Feed it with food when it says hungry. And stop serving when it says ‘that’s enough’. Eating has to be a deliberate and graceful process. Then only you won’t fill it with unnecessary junk. Overeating is the major reason for weight gain.

#6 Eat Healthy

Choose a healthy diet plan. Choose the food items deliberately. Prefer low GI Carbs to high carbs.  This can help in boosting metabolism. And you’ll feel less hungry when compared to those who eat food with high GI carbs. Because Low GI foods tend to produce lower levels of the fat storing, hunger promoting hormone insulin which aids weight loss.

#7 Never Skip the Breakfast

No, you should never avoid breakfast for the sake of weight loss. Researches have shown that those who avoid having breakfast and eat fewer times a day tend to put weight than those who have healthy breakfast.

#8 Go for Healthy Evening Snacks

If you can’t resist your sugar cravings, go for the healthy options that balance blood sugar level and energy. A handful of nuts or dried fruits are the perfect option for evening snack.

#9 Reduce Number of Items in Each Meal

This not only saves your food preparation time, but helps you have a control over food intake. And studies have shown that when we eat too many foods in one go, the part of our brain that tells us we’re full doesn’t function as well – so we overeat.

#10 Keep Track of Your Weight

Isn’t it good to measure whether your efforts work or not. It’s better to check the weight daily. The changes will surely inspire you to move on.

Try these 10 tips. We hope these shortcuts will work for you!


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