Two Google ways to beat WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is the the successful name in smartphone world in the short time period. Many other apps comes to beat with WhatsApp but they didn’t get the success due to insufficient service. Google comes with Google Allo and Google Duo, two new to compete with the likes of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp.

Google Duo launched last week now it is available globally on Android and iOS and has had over 5 million downloads since its launch. Google Duo standalone video calling app that looks set to take on Skype and FaceTime.  There’s no messaging function as you get with Skype, its only purpose is for video calling.

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Google Allo is a smart messaging app that makes your conversations more easier and more expressive. Artificial intelligence is the great attractive factor in Google Allo. Google Assistant is helping to done these activity. Google Assistant claims that  will learn over time and provide you with personalised answers that  actually  you are using.It’s based on phone number, so its the easy way can get in touch with anyone in your phone book.

You can also be able to send quick voice messages through Allo, much like you can now in Whatsapp . You can also add able to add GIFs  to  your Allo conversations. Allo Expressions’ which are essentially amped-up emojis and stickers that can be used in conversations.

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