We Craft ‘THE’ Shopping Experience for Kochi – Daily!

If politics is all about perception, shopping is all about the service! – Period.

One Day Cart is invested in more ways than one to provide the ideal shopping experience to Kochi.

beans for sale in kochi

Right from our daily quota of veggies…..

There has been a humongous shift in the way consumers go about consuming products. And this shift is not cyclical with the oft-quoted (and misquoted) dumb-bell curve. If sellers are well researched and consumer friendly in the way they package their wares and project their store, the graph will rise…..indefinitely.

The Biggest Online Supermarket based in Kochi – ODC 

There are technological and non-technological facts that favour retailers now. And One Day Cart has sought and also succeeded in aggregating and presenting households in Kochi with an integrated solution for their household staples, fast and ‘not-so-fast’consumables including electrical, computer peripherals, and more.


What works in your favour?

The combination of day to day groceries, all FMCG products, consumer durables, and the fact that we are just a stone’s throw away from home.

Transparent Policies and the ODC Guarantee

Our targeted and dedicated logistics approach ensure that we are part of the family’s budgeting team. Our delivery routine is delivered through a polling routine that ensure families could plan their groceries shopping and always get groceries delivered free of cost (Rs 500.00/ & above).

Our Complete Ecosystem – Apps , Offers, and Delivery Slots

 OneDayCart Online Supermarket- screenshot

OneDayCart highly practical and all-in-one App is cut out especially for Kochi.

In tune with our pro-customer strategy, OneDayCart’s online presence is bolstered by practical and effective mobile app that lists products, maintains accounts and wishlists, and safe/secure payment gateway. Our App-only offer of the week is free 1 kg of sugar for all purchases above Rs 1,500.

Download our highly rated (49 customers and counting have given 4.9 stars average) Android App now. (The app screenshot leads you to our Google Play page :-))

…..To CFL lights and everything between.

P.S. While you could always get in touch with us for teaming up and serving Kochi’s population with gusto, we will also consider it an honour if you could peruse the One Day Cart website and let us and also others know what you felt regarding your shopping experience at ODC. Kindly post your reviews @ https://plus.google.com/+Onedaycart?review=1 .

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