Xiaomi Mi Metal Mousepad introduced to Indian Markets

Xiaomi Mi Metal Mousepad

Mi announces that they will launch two mousepad, Mi Mousepad and Mi Metal Mouse pad in India. The Mi Mouse Pad will cost Rs.269/- and Metal Mousepad priced at Rs.649/-.

The Xiaomi Mi Mousepad is featured in black with a rubber backing. The Rear side is built of non slip rubber material that will ensure the mouse pad never slide around. The mousepad scales 80cm x 40cm area which is great for precise movement and positioning.

Xiaomi Mi Metal Mousepad

In Xiaomi Mi Metal Mousepad, aluminium replace the rubber and the aluminium used is punch-pressed, sandblasted, oxidize, polish and laser cut for ensuring the durability and resistant to corrosion. The metal mousepad is smaller than the Mi Mousepad which scales 33cm x 24cm with 3mm thickness.


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