10 things you need to know about drinking water


Its regularly heard a lot that everyone should drink atleast 8 glasses of water daily.  Most of us are not aware how this effect our body. Majority believes that water is to drink only when you feel thirst. But drinking water in regular intervals mentioned below can create lot of miracles in your body and mind.

Let’s see 10 things you need to know about drinking water:

  1. As soon as you wake up : Start Drinking two glasses of warm drinking water. This will help to remove all toxic from the body and implement proper functioning of body organs. According to the personal preference you can add lime juice, honey, cinnamon, etc to flavour up the morning.
  2. Half an hour before Meals :  This will helpful reduce the quench hunger and will also help to maintain your weight. Also maintain body to receive the needed quantity of food for the day.
  3. As soon as you had Food : This will help you in digestion.
  4. Avoid having water along with Food : Try Yogurt or Buttermilk instead of water. This will induce cooling to body.
  5. Hunger & Water : Body produce nearly same signal to brain to induce Hunger and Thirst. If you feel some of the feeling first drink some water if it’s feeling again consume some snacks to feed hunger.
  6. To Enhance working of Brain : Activity of brain is 75% depends on water content in body. So if you feel fatigue in between job or travel drink few glass of water to feel well.
  7. Drink more water in first half of day than after noon part : This will help you to sleep easier at night.
  8. If you Sleep Less : If you don’t get satisfactory sleep at night drink more water in the morning half of the day to have a pleasant day. And you we will blessed with a sound sleep that night .It will be necessary for the body of water to facilitate the proper way to sleep.
  9. During Exercise : Drink a lot of water before starting to exercise and after the exercise. It will energies the muscles and will keep a good energy level.
  10. At Sick : Drink extra water than normal days to overcome any kind of diseases. Pregnant and lactating mothers should drink minimum of 10 glasses of water a day.
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