12 Super Foods that reverse your Fat Genes

12 Super Foods that reverse your Fat Genes

Researchers of MIT and Harvard found how a part of your DNA, FTO Genes make changes in your metabolism and fat storage. People who inherit gene from the parents with obesity follow the same with them too.

But the great news is that you can switch off the activities of these genes with the help of these superfoods.

12 Super Foods that reverse your Fat Genes :

  1. QuinoaRich in protein & amino acids. Helps you for Muscle building and fat loss. It also contains lysine, amino acid that helps you to burn fat and maintain healthy skin and bones.
  2. Green Tea Adding Green Tea with your diet can help you to reduce fat in two ways. First one is that it controls the blood sugar and stop the temptation to be hunger. The Second ways is it boost the metabolism and burn the calories. According to studies, the Green Tea Brewers have an habit of consuming 4-5 cups daily lose more than 2 pounds than those who do exercise for 25 minutes without brewing green tea.
  3. BlueberriesIt’s is packed with Polyphenols, the chemical that prevent fat forming and burn belly fat. Also consuming blueberries can lower cholesterol when you ate a fatty diet. According to Studies conducted by Michigan University blueberry activates the fat-burning genes in the belly fat cells.  Also studies proved that blueberries are good for muscle builders which prevents muscle breakdown. Also the berries such as Raspberries, Strawberries and other Red fruits are packed with phytonutrients which are capable for making you bell flat.
  4. EggsThey are the best single diet source which contain Vitamin B Choline, the Choline deficiency is linked to the genes that cause fat accumulation particularly in the liver.
  5. Asparagus : Folate, a Vitamin B which is linked to everything that boosting battling cancer and also lower the gene activities linked to insulin resistance and fat-cell formation.
  6. BeefProtein are the building block for a lean and Zero Belly, while eating protein you body has to do more action for digesting the same. About 1/4 th of calories of the protein is used to digest that. Also the Beef are a important source of Choline which have similar effect to egg.
  7. Halibut & TunaHalibut is the one of best source for methionine, the nutrient which reverses genes for insulin resistance and fat-cell formation. And Tuna, which is prime source of omega 3 fatty acids which can promote flab storage and lower the fat genes in the stomach, stopping belly fat cells from growing larger.
  8. SpicesYellow mustard seeds are having higher level of anti cancer compounds called glucosinolates and cinnamon that has been proved for better insulin response. Also Turmeric which is common in Indian Cuisine is best source for curcumin, that helps to control the genes that influence inflammation and obesity.
  9. Peanut ButterPeanuts are the best source in genistein and resveratrol which are powerful anti-inflammatory genes.
  10. KaleKale is rich in Sulforaphane which is a nutrient found in cruciferous green leafy vegetables. This nutrient will lower weight gain and make you eat fewer calories.
  11.  Red WineRed wine is rich in supernutrient called Resveratrol which is directly linked to heart health, which is also help on genetic level to preventing strong belly fat.
  12. Dark Chocolate & BerriesConsuming Dark Chocolate will induce fermentation process in our body which produce Butyrate, a fatty acid which consume fiber in body also inflammatory response is reduced when there is high level of butyrate and does better in regulating blood sugar. Berries with Dark Chocolate can enhance the rate in fermentation also boost the butyrate production.


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