8 reasons why ODC getting Popular in Grocery Shopping

8 reasons why ODC getting Popular in Grocery Shopping
  • 8 reasons why ODC getting Popular in Grocery Shopping


Shopping groceries online in cities like Kochi saves your time and money. And if you shop grocery from a reputed online shopping groceries store like ODC the advantages are more.

In recent years, the online supermarket shopping industry has absolutely exploded, to the point that there are now many people who will only buy new products online. It’s not difficult to purchase & understand the potential benefits of online grocery shopping sites, but at the same time there are also people who are sticking to ordinary grocery shopping , and they have their reasons as well. Ultimately, it certainly seems as if things are trending toward online groceries shopping becoming more and more popular. Shopping groceries online  in cities like Kochi saves your time and money. And if you shop grocery from a reputed online shopping groceries store like ODC the advantages are more.

And from review of our customers and from our experiences we have

8 reasons why ODC getting Popular in Grocery Shopping

1, Convenience

Time, Traffic and unavailability of all products in single roof are always main issues facing by a person shopping from grocery stores . Kochi Metro Rail Construction and Death Race of Public Transportation Vehicles drag us back when we thinking on buy groceries.

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However, in kochi we can find too many Mega Stores and Shopping Malls where you can buy the groceries and vegetables in unbelievable price, But reaching there by this drastic traffic make no sense of profit considering the fuel cost and time spend on road. And shopping online gives a live experience and convenience of getting fresh Groceries, Vegetables & Fruits, Beauty & Health Products, Home & Kitchen Equipments, Fashion Products and Electronics items in your finger tips. It’s like drive to a Mega store at free of cost rather than your internet charges.

And if you gone to a grocery store or vegetable market you need to tell the merchant which takes a lot of time and even if it’s Sunday or Holiday you need to be on Queue and you need to carry the product you need to buy in your hands to home. And if you gone to Supermarket & have a lot of things to buy most probably you will skip some for getting some other. But when you shop groceries or vegetables online you can add everything from 1gm to 1 ton to your cart. And we will bring it to you doorsteps wherever it. This will give you feel getting to a virtual grocery store or online supermarkets .

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And you have the convenience of adding the products required in cart in different time and checkout at sometimes after. This make entering all you wanted in cart day by day and checkout once month.

2, Selection

While shopping from store if you wish for a particular brand and if you don’t get same you will select same product in other brand. But shopping online there is freedom to choice you favorite brand and product. And you can get multiple brands and multiple product ranges in you finger tip. Where in a local groceries  you need to run all over the world for you wish list.


3, Immediacy

In a store it takes time to get a product and its no sure you will get all the products in you check list from the same grocery supermarket, then you need to spend hours or day for getting all products in your list. Sometimes you will never get any if there is a strike or some long blocks come. But ODC will serves you in best. We are Delivering our products on time and accurate locations.

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4, Quality of Products & Service

Buying groceries from different groceries supermarket on unavailability may cause a considerable change in product quality and quantity. But grocery delivered from ODC stick on our Quality and Quantity of Products rather than pricing.

And we have best in class Super Grocery Delivery Men who are reliable and smart. They will anyway give your grocery deliveries on time and best customer relationship is guaranteed.

Online Grocery Shopping

5, Saving Time & Money

Its true shopping for groceries online is always profitable. You can save you Money because you can purchase groceries online from your office, home or in a never ending traffic block or at abroad for your family here. You need not drive, need not get in polluted city or you need to quit what you are doing now for shop groceries online, this can save you fuel, health and time. And you can start putting products to cart from 1st of a month and check out at 31st.

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6, Discounts & Offers

We will provide best in town discounts and combo offers other than normal discounts from grocery delivery services . And you now have doubt how we can provide lesser rate than market price?? Right. ODC have regular and recurring client base in Ernakulum district. As we have regular customer base we can source the products directly from the manufacturer and whole sale dealers were we get groceries items & other products in best rate. And we only add a thin margin, because developing customer circle have  prime importance for us than profit generation.

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We can provide best in class products for our customers in best price in right time. Because we have identified best vendors & manufacturers in Cochin who stands first in delivering quality products.

7, No Question Return Policy

We are sure & checked each and every product by its quality and quantity for individual customers by our Q.C Team. So normally we don’t had any issue of return, and even  if customers don’t satisfied with the products they can return it to us, No Questions will asked, we will take it back and return their money.

8 reasons why ODC getting Popular in Grocery Shopping

8, Shop Green

Our firm support Go Green which helps Mother Nature for her existence. If we are going to a store they need to light up 100’s of 100W bulbs in their stores and need to use air conditioners to chill their customers, need lot of papers to highlight the offers and for billing. But we love our mother nature. And we only need some Computers and Servers to work on the virtual market place. We minimize use of papers through recycling and save fuel by routing our orders.  We working in Green Environment were electricity and other resources are consumed legibly as recommended by Kerala State Electricity Board (K.S.E.B) & Other Government Bodies.

8 reasons why ODC getting Popular in Grocery Shopping

Thus we ensure best and profitable grocery shopping service experience to all our customers. Because “Customer is King” here

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