All about Chocolates !


If you have some uncontrollable desire for something sweet the first thing you go for is a piece of chocolate to satisfy your sweet craving.

In the list it come chunks of fine chocolate; delicious chocolate slabs, fruit chocolate treats, hot drinking chocolate or go for chocolate cakes and pastries.

What is Chocolate ? When it’s First Used ?

Chocolates is made from the fruit of ‘Theobroma Cacao Tree’ also called the Cocoa tree. These trees grew only in Amazon region were brought to Central America by animals. The First Usage of chocolate is believed on 1000 BC by Olmecs. They begin with blending the cocoa with water to produce drinking chocolate which will spice up with chili or pepper.

The sweetened versions of chocolates are first used by Europeans where they were consumed it as cocoa bean form. And wide popularity of this pave way for bar shaped chocolate bars.

The Chocolates bars are made by removing seeds from the fruit which is ovoid shape which come around 15 to 25 cm long. Then the fermentation process is done and the bean is dried, roasted and ground until it turn to cocoa paste. Then cocoa butter and sugar is added to this paste along with milk powder or other ingredients based on the flavours. Finally this is rolled, heated, poured into a mould and cooled to make chocolates.

Different Kind of Chocolates

Nutrition & Health

100 g of milk chocolate bar provides 450 – 500 calories but this doesn’t contain any significant amount of vitamins and minerals for body.  The cocoa in chocolate is rich in phytochemicals, antioxidants which helps to protect the body. But addition of Milk to Cocoa minimised the effect of antioxidants. So the Darker chocolates have higher content of antioxidants.

The Amino Acid Tryptophan is chemical in chocolate induce a feel good factor in our brains which is an mood lifting sensation. This chemical will stimulates the feel good hormone, serotonin.  So some chocolates can enlighten a bad day.

Consuming chocolate in regular base will result in excess weight gain, So the chocolates should consumed as special treat in special situations.

Nestle India is an awesome brand in India which offer a large variety of chocolates to satisfy your desire over sweetness.


List of Nestle India Chocolates Available in

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