Beauty benefits of egg for skin and hair

Eggs contain essential proteins which help repair tissues and tighten the skin. Eggs also help improve the appearance of hair and impart strength as well as luster. It’s also useful for growing nails and hair. Here are some beauty benefits of an egg for skin and hair.

Reduces dark circles

If your skin below your eyes seems puffy, apply a thin coating of egg white on the area below your eyes and leave it for about 10 minutes. Wash off of with cold water. Eggs help prevent dark circles under your eyes.

Egg White Face Mask for Oily Skin

If your skin is too oily, then Egg White Face Mask with Lemon is going to remedy. This mask will firm your skin and reduce your pores giving your complexion a toned look. The egg white has a mild exfoliating effect that removes the accumulated dirt from your pores.

Egg-Yoghurt Hair Conditioner

Mix egg and yogurt. You can add a spoon of olive oil or almond oil if you have it at home. Apply on your hair and allow the pack to stay half an hour. This results in shiny, lustrous looking hair.

Help remove whiteheads

Some people suffer from too much of whiteheads which usually occur on the nose or the upper part of the chin. Even after you wash it with scrubber or face wash, it comes out again. But, a raw egg has been proved to be an excellent remedy to remove whiteheads entirely from your skin. Apply a pack of egg white and lemon, and apply it where necessary.

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