Benefits of Lady’s Finger


Ladies finger is a very useful vegetable and inexpensive medicine. Its use to boost sexual vigour and reduce excess menstrual blood.

Prevents from colon cancer:

 Lady’s finger helps in prevention of colon cancer by keeping the digestive system intact and functioning properly. It contains high amount of insoluble dietary fibres.  It also reduces the risk of occurrence of other type of cancers in the body.

Improves Eyesight:

Lady’s finger contains vitamin A and beta carotene,which is  helpful to improve our eyesight.

Improves Mental Function:

Another  nutrient present in  lady’s finger is Folate or Vitamin B9 . This Vitamin B9 is required for our brain to function properly.

It helps you lose weight:

 The vegetable is extremely low in calories, with a 100g serving containing just 33 calories. It contain dietary fibres, that plays a great role in the weight management. Lady finger makes stomach feel full for longer period of time thus helps in weight loss by reducing the frequency of eating habits.

Good for pregnant women:

Lady’s finger contains Vitamin B9 or folic acid which can help prevent neurological birth defects in newborn. Folates availability in lady finger provides healthy environment for the foetus growth and development during pregnancy.

Provides Younger Look:

Lady’s finger prevents your skin from pigmentation and repairing damages caused due to sun rays. Also it prevents skin from the acne, black spots, psoriasis and other skin problems.

Prevents from Anemia:

Lady’s finger contains iron and folate and Vitamin K, nutrients that help to avoid anaemia.

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