Clapping hands can change your life


Do you Believe in this its true  “Clapping hands make a healthy health” its not a joke ,We all welcome all good things with Clapping hands this way we can also add some good things to our health. We are basically clap for cheer or encourage someone also we are happy and excited.

Clapping hands will helps you lot to get relief from heart disease and asthma related problems by clapping hands more blood circulation to brain.
It helps nerves  connects heart, live, lungs etc, While clapping hands helps to improve nerves activities. You can also feel better and more relaxed with this activity. Clapping will boost the immunity and due to the improvement in the strength of white blood cells these protect your body from any kind of illness.

Kids are love to clap which make them happy and  increase skills in children and improve their Heath.Clapping stimulates blood circulation throughout the body and removes all obstructions in the veins and arteries, including bad cholesterol.

Try to Clap your hands every day for an hour after a meal. You will feel warmth and maybe even sweat on both your hands and feet by clapping continuously.

You can cure the disease like heart conditions, hypertension, and diabetes, depression, asthma, common cold, and arthritis, headaches, insomnia and hair loss by clapping.

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