Dermaplaning treatment for remove Peach Fuzz and Dead Skin Cells


Peach Fuzz can make your skin looks dull there is a quick and easy home treatment for removes peach fuzz and make the Skin more smooth.
Dermaplaning facial  is a pain free technique foe  waxing unwanted facial/body hair. Its a different type of treatment and this technique uses a surgical blade which removes the dead cells from the outer layer of skin and the peach fuzz. Its a Spa treatment remove the dead cells and make the skin fresh and healthy.

We can also try this Dermaplaning treatment our self using a clean and quality blade. It removes all those lovely blonde hairs on my chin/upper lip/eyebrows and make the skin more glowing.

Steps need to do for Dermaplaning

Step 1:

Clean your Skin and make it dry and apply some tomer.

Step 2:

Take the blade in one hand 45 degree angle against skin, remove the skin upwards.

Step 3:

When it complete Apply quality  and serum to the face.

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