Diet trends of 2016

Diet Trends of 2016

By every year people are changing the diet and food trends. This year also people change thier food trends. But the best part is that the current changes in trends are much healthier than previous ones. Now the people are focusing on Pulse, Grains, Full-Fat Foods, Carbs, Sprouted grains and vegetables. Even the technology has enhanced, everyone is concerned with the wearable technologies and Calorie & Health tracking with that.

Diet trends of 2016


This year is declared and celebrated as “The International Year of Pulse” by United Nations. This is intended to creating public awareness that pulses are highly nutritional food which are the vital source of proteins and amino acids. Also pulse are best for those who diet for obesity, diabetes and cancer.

Infused Water

Fruit Flavored water or infused water is the best way of drinking water which the fruits-vegetables and herbs immersed in cold water. Drink Infused water is healthy, nutrient rich, flavoured and zero calorie method for weight loss.


Grains like Quinoa, Millet and wheat are much accepted for thier health benefits. Complex carbohydrates and fibre presence enhanced thier nutritional values. And it’s vital source of Vitamin B.

Good fat Foods

Apart from the previous trends, people are trending towards the Good fat foods than the Low fat food the leads to dry skin, sore joints and inflammation. Even Though the Low fat products taste better with the use of artificial sweeteners or any other chemicals but the health hazards are highest in them. For the replacement try the full fat foods like Dairy Products.

Sprouted Grains

Sprouted grains are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants also it can increase digestibility and nutrient absorption. As per studies it can decrease the blood pressure, blood glucose levels and improve immune functions feeding mothers.


Carbs provide rich amount of nutrients and energy for us. So its best time to make Rice, Oats and Breads back to our menu.


Make the vegetables like pasta or noodles and consuming them raw or cooked make a perfect balance for your health.


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