Gm Diet plan 2016

GM Diet plan is effective diet plan which brings down the weight in 7 days,You may not believe these but its a proven diet technique. It not only reduces the body weight but puts the body through a detoxification process. These process occurs through  water, fruits, vegetables, milk and soup, as well as small amount of rice.

GM Diet plan First Day

Day 1

You can eat fruits on First Day of GM Diet, fruits which help to start Diet and avoid Bananas,have more water on first day and you can choose fruits for the Diet plan Day 1.


The second day of Diet plan is completed for vegetables you can have veges in raw form or cooked form but don’t use any oils while cooking the veges.

Day 3

The Third day of GM diet plan you can add both vegetables and Fruits to your diet and you can fix the amount of fruits and veges the vegetables can eat in raw dorm or cooked form.

Day 4

You can have Bananas and Milk for these day eight to ten Bananas and three glasses of Milk. The bananas are important in diet plan because they will help to recollect the potassium and sodium that the body would have lost in the previous three days of Diet.

Day 5

Today you can have Tomatoes and beefs. Have 6 to 7 tomatoes and increase water intake by one quart today will help the body cleanse itself helps to digesting the beef.

Day 6

You can eat beef and replace tomatoes with vegetables you can have more vegetables in raw form or cooked form. You can add as much as you like and you can see the changes of your body weight from the First day of starting the diet plan

Day 7

The last Day of Diet you can add Rice ,Vegetables and Juices you like and check the body weight and find the change happened from the first Day.

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