Godrej Expert Rich Creme hair colour.



Hair colours are often considered a necessary evil. People who use hair colours to cover their greys don’t associate them with any other benefit.

Aloe vera has some amazing hair care benefits, it helps cleanse dead cells which help in hair growth and arrests hair fall. It is also soothing and provides relief from irritation that might occur in few people post hair colouring. Aloe vera also has essential amino acids which enables moisture retention and nourishment in hair. So with Godrej Expert Rich Crème you colour your way to nourished and healthy hair that are good to look at and also feel soft and bouncy.

Godrej Expert Rich Crème is an innovative product, it is ammonia free, provides 100% grey coverage and is rich with aloe and milk protein that nourishes hair along with providing a deep long lasting colour. It is available in 5 shades – Natural black, Black brown, Dark brown, Natural brown and Burgundy. Godrej Expert Rich crème is non drip and comes in a pre-measured sachet format which is extremely convenient and easy to use. One needs to just cut, mix and apply. These single use sachets are priced at only Rs. 30. Also it comes in a Multi-Application pack, for multiple uses, which has a colourant bottle, developer tube and 2 conditioner sachets. This pack is priced at Rs. 120.

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