Health Benefits of Amla


Health benefits of Amla are It has rich content of vitamin C, Calcium, anti-oxidants, fiber and minerals. Amla widely used for the Ayurveda treatment , It increases urination & immunity. Many types of benefits helps for our health especially for reducing the weight &  hair growth.

Health Benefits

Promotes Hair Growth: Amla helps in hair growth, which prevent the formation of free radicals, The free radicals are the reason for damage the hair. Eating fresh amla is good for hair growth & color, amla paste is good for hair shines.

Protect Heart: Amla having iron content which promote the formation of blood cells which increase our blood circulation, Blood pumps smoothly so which can reduces the heart attack & strokes.Reduces the blood sugar, Its very close to diabetic patients. Amla can ability to reduce the cholesterol from our body , several ways the amla protect our heart.

Improving Eye Sight:Daily eating amla means its good for our eye, It has rich content of vitamin A & carotene which improve the eyesight. Amla reduces the blindness & free radical creation

Glowing Skin: Amla reduces the formation of free radicals which help to skin glow. The anti-aging amla  is very healthy and reduces the blood sugar. The amla and honey is the best medicine for skin problems,which helps to faster digestion & improve metabolism. Amla is good source of vitamin C ,the usage of amla our skin is always glowing & younger.

Immunity:Anti-oxidants & Vitamins are helps to improve the immunity power, Prevent the formation of free radicals & boost the immunity.









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