Ice Cream Advantages & Disadvantages


Ice Cream

Ice cream   has lot’s of health advantages & disadvantages. It is a sweet & frozen food made by using dairy products, Everybody like the ice cream it has different flavors. The ice cream will always bright your celebrations & Make our body energized.


Source of Energy: Ice cream is a dairy product, it’s having lots of nutritional value, protein & carbohydrate. While eating the ice cream we can get lot’s of energy so energized our body quickly.

Healthy Minerals:Ice cream contains rich content of healthy minerals, calcium & phosphorous are protecting our bones & teeth. Prevent the kidney stones & maintain kidney functions. It has so many vitamins, Vitamin K help to blood clotting quickly.

Creative Thinking:Ice cream helps to creative thinking, It’s produced lots of happy hormones which help to mind always positive response. While eating ice cream avoids the stress & Mind become relaxed. It prevents the mood change and relax the nervous system.

Reduce Cancer:The ice cream having the ability to reduce the cancer, the dairy product contains calcium, which makes the bone healthy & strong. Milk is the source of nutritional value which increase the immunity for preventing cancer.


High Fat Food:Ice cream is a high fat food it prepared from milk, which increase high level cholesterol in blood, High blood cholesterol is the reason for heart deceases & stroke. The high sugar content having in the ice cream, which increase the fat & Causes the sugar related problems. The high fat makes your body shapeless & decrease reward part of our brain it become additive to ice cream.

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