Know your Skin Type Before Using Creams & Lotion

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Your skin may not go very deep, but it is the largest part of your body, making almost 16% of the body weight and protecting everything that’s within. Every individual’s skin differs in texture, colour and feel. And each person needs to take care accordingly.

Normal Skin

Fine in texture, smooth, soft and supple. No blackheads or spots


  • Maintain softness with light cleansers, lotions and tonics
  • Use daily fresheners such as Rose Water
  • Nourish with masks of Aloe Vera, egg, plain yogurt and honey along with moisturizers

Oily Skin

Thick, coarse, shiny with large pores. Frequent blackheads and spots due to clogging and over-excretion of oil. Slow ageing and less wrinkles


  • Needs plenty of moisture
  • Very little oil, except on the throat, lips and around the eyes
  • Use astringents, face packs, tonics and treatments to restore acid balance
  • To cleanse and moisturise, use home made face pack of honey and Aloe Vera along with Rose Water

Combination Skin

Mix of normal or dry and oily skin. Oily areas usually across the forehead and down the nose to the chin, forming a T shape, called the T-Zone


  • Do a combination of two programes – oily and normal or oily and dry

Dry Skin

Thin and fine textured, tending to form wrinkles. If neglected, the skin flakes and feels
tight and uncomfortable. Hot packs and steams should be avoided since this
skin type is prone to broken veins


  • Tone with natural toners like Rose Water and diluted Cider Vinegar
  • Can be nourished by face masks of egg yolk, Aloe Vera and honey
  • Make moisturising hand and body lotion with a combination of glycerin and
    Rose water to keep skin supple and fresh, especially in the harsh winter

Sensitive Skin

Any of the other types, depending on response to external factors such as
weather conditions, allergies towards chemicals etc


  • Use natural toners like Rose Water and Aloe Vera
  • To nourish and keeps fresh, use honey based face masks

Use Dabur Gulabari

  • Clean your face with cotton swab dipped in Dabur Gulabari
  • In your face pack, add Dabur Gulabari to make a thick paste and apply on your face
  • For winter care, add Dabur’s New Gulabari in Glycerine and Honey to get soft and
    supple skin
  • Use as natural skin toner for dry and sensitive skin
  • For a fragrant morning bath and day long freshness add Dabur’s New
    Gulabari to your bath water

Complete Care with Dabur Gulabari

  • Cleanse, tone and moisturise for a glowing start to your day
  • Refresh and cool to end the day
  • Rejuvenate after a stressful day with harsh sunlight, heat, sweat, and
  • Keep out wrinkles, acne, pimples, blemishes
  • Use for conditioning routines in a face pack
  • Combine with glycerine to moisturise and keep your skin soft and

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