Microsoft laptop for Rs.10000

  • Microsoft laptop launch for Rs. 10,000.


Targeting the growth and popularity of Google’s Chrome Book, Microsoft laptop launch for Rs. 10,000.


Targeting the growth and popularity of  Google’s Chrome Book, Microsoft aiming to launch a Budget friendly laptop within Rs. 10,000.  The forthcoming laptop will works on Windows 10 Operating System which is equipped with Intel Bay Trail Platform.

The Device seems to have 11.6 inches display which is completable to Google’s 13 inches and 15 inches models. Forbes magazine reported first about the forthcoming laptop in industry. And with this Laptop Microsoft will target students and executives who prefer laptops for limited tasks such as browsing, documentation and social media usages.

The main factor people prefer the Microsoft is its price. When Google Chromebook costs $199 where the Microsoft start from $149. Microsoft doesn’t reveal whether the device is running on x86 or ARM based platform. Also there is a side talk that Microsoft will open doors for developers through an unified app store instead of having separate architectures.

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