Motorola Moto G User Review

  • Motorola Moto G 3rd Edition


Motorola Moto G 3rd Edition is occupied with Quad Core processor coupled with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM.



  • Build Quality: 4.5/5 Back panel is scratch proof with matte finish. Cutting 0.5 star because chrome is of Plastic, not metallic.
  • 2 GB of High Frequency RAM and awesome RAM management: 5/5
  • Perfect Screen size. Larger screen could have decreased battery backup. 5/5
  • Resolution is perfect for the price range and PPI makes it much better. 5/5
  • Battery life is too good. Even though it is having only 2470 mAH battery, with 100% charge, I downloaded about 40 apps on 4G, used whatsapp, gaming of 1 Hour, used calling, SMS and other common features throughout the day (12 hours) and the battery was still 5%: 5/5
  • Camera quality is good but not awesome but they gave Slow motion video feature as in Iphone that is more than awesome : 4/5
  • Headphones given are of above average quality but at least they are giving it other wise Zenfone 2 and Honor 4x don’t have headphones. 3/5
  • The phone comes up with dual speakers BUT only one speaker is functional at a time. The phone do not have convertible speakers like we have in Moto nexus 6. Top speaker is just for headset mode and bottom speaker is for playing Media. But still, the sound quality is good & loud. It should have provided two normal speakers instead of one loudspeaker because it creates surround sound. 4/5
  • Water resistant phone, I splashed a glass of water but It is working..!!!! Just remember to close the back lid as mentioned in the sticker.
  • Original Flip Cover AVAILABLE!!! You cannot use duplicate flip cover (one that replaces original back lid) because your phone will no longer be waterproof.
  • You can connect 2 USB cables with charging adapter. It means you can charge two phones simultaneously. THATS AMAZING!!!! However, the adapter is of 1150 mAh, means it will take at least 2.5 hours for full charge. 4/5WARNING: DO NOT PLAY WITH WATER RESISTANCE FEATURE. IT IS JUST TO KEEP YOUR PHONE SAFE IN CASE OF ACCIDENTS. PROLONGED IMMERSION IN WATER OR USAGE OF SPEAKERS WHILE DIPPED IN WATER MAY CAUSE DAMAGE.

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