Simple and just out of this world refreshing, a watermelon frosty is a sure to find solace in the sweltering heat of the summer. this light and chilly treat so easy to make and healthy. One cup of watermelon contains just about 50 calories and loads of hydration from the high water content, it also contains fiber, lycopene, and potassium. Watermelon is delicious on its own.

See the below recipe for the easiest way to prepare a watermelon frosty.

Ingredients: 2 Cups Frozen Watermelon Cubes.
1/2 Frozen Banana.
1/2 Cup Water.
Juice of 1 Lemon.
2 Table Spoon Honey.
1 Scoop of Icecream (Vanilla Preferred)

Prepare: Put all the ingredients that (Watermelon Cubes, Frozen Banan, Lemon Juice, Honey, and Icecream) together in a blender or food processor and process until the mixture is smooth and frosty. you may need to add a bit more water at a time to loosen up the mixture. (Try not to over water it or it will lose some flavor). then Serve immediately to your loved person.

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