Specific Online Shopping for Kochi

An Open Letter to Kochi’s Families, Bachelors, Bachelorettes et al.

The Citizens
Kochi, Kerala

16th Feb, 2017

Dear Consumers of Kochi,

Sub: Please Buy Smart & Also Save Smarter with One Day Cart’s Technological Underpinnings

Hello there, are you based in Kochi? And do you make your lifestyle and life-sustaining purchases within the City?  

One Day Cart is just the place for you and how? – (Check out our ‘delivery locations’ in the navigation bar)

We at One Day Cart – Numma Kochi’s very own online supermarket fine tune and improve our processes continually to ensure our sellers and end-consumers benefit.

One Day Cart effectively makes use of best practices and provide relevant, reliable, and specific online shopping for Kochi. 

And this is the foundation of any e-commerce setup worth its salt.

So what is this so called ‘foundation’ made up of?

The Holy Grail triumvirate of Logistics, Warehousing, and Supply Chain Management!

  • Logistics

    – One Day Cart is at its core a Kochi-specific online supermarket, we make SURE that our set boundaries enable us to serve our clientele better than anyone else.

  • Supply Chain

    – We have concentrated on providing you with FRESH, FRESHER, and FRESHEST in vegetable, meat, and fish produce apart from packaged foods. This is made possible only due to 2 things: –

  1. The customized specialized Supply Chain Management algorithm we employ
  2. Our SOLID business network (from farmers, through wholesalers, to merchants)
  • Efficient Warehousing –

    Great discounts for fresh neymeen at one day cart online supermarket

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    We anticipate demand and stock accordingly.
    Scenario: A household in Aluva needs fresh fish!

    Our Response: We ensure they receive the freshest stock of fish available separated by the minimum amount of time.

    How: Here too, it’s the now familiar data analytic technique of Big Data that helps us predict, learn, and relearn our customer’s preferences.

These are all very excellent points, but how does it help us – an individual or a family or a business establishment in Kochi to buy quality products and also make a good deal saving money?

That’s an excellent question in terms of context and also for us to sum up our pitch. By using this triumvirate of high quality online e-retailing practices, and we seek to answer the same through our oath!

The One Day Cart Oath to Customers:

We at One Day Cart do solemnly swear and cross our hearts in saying that technology and planning save operational expenses. Savings that we are passing on to our customers. We see certain intangible points we need to cover which are of paramount importance, points like – quality, quantity, and savings.

You, the people of Kochi are our investment. We WILL keep true to our promise of quality retail products to the City. And we could only hope that you reciprocate, if at least once to simply try us out.


One Day Cart,

Kochi’s Own Online Supermarket (and Kerala’s First)

While you are contemplating what to do, we suggest you make a healthy choice and eat a fruit to boost the quality of your decision –
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