Reliance Jio 4G services :Terms and conditions you need to know

Reliance Jio’s 4G services are live for all Jio customers who sign up data and voice will be free till December 31, 2016. Jio’s 4G service will offer free voice-calling to customers, offers the lowest data rates Rs 50 per GB as starting. The data pack starts at Rs 19 and with free voice-calling for all Jio Customers.
Before sign up for Jio services you need to know the terms and conditions they have offers. The voice calling for starter are free for the starters but video calls you make on the network will be debited via your data-calling pack. The plans start from January .

For free  prepaid and postpaid plans free WiFi data benefit in your  will only work through public WiFi hotspots of Reliance Jio. After a user have located an actual WiFi hotspot needs to access and log-in on the Reliance Jio WiFi app to access these free plans.
The “Unlimited at Night”, is available only data that is used between 2am and 5am. After these time period the regular data pack will apply.
Jio apps, is free for now, but any data used during these apps will be cut from your regular data pack applicable at the time. This also includes video calls. Interestingly, these Jio apps won’t work on non-Jio Networks, and you will need to be on Reliance Jio 4G to actually access these apps.

What happens if you run out of the 4GB data pack?

If you are planning to run out of 4 GB the charging rate don’t be RS 50/GB Rs 250/GB with 10 KB charging pulse, which is not exactly cheap. And on postpaid plans, if you exhaust the free 4G LTE data, the extra data will be free but at a reduced speed of 128Kbps, which we all know is not enough to run anything fun.
Reliance Jio is offering 15 per cent discount for postpaid users who opt for auto-debit option using credit/debit cards/online transfer for their bill. Students with valid ID also get 25 per cent additional 4G and WiFi data benefits.
All local and STD video calls in home and national roaming will be charged only for data usage. Data on roaming has the same rates as data in your home circle.

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