Tips for Prevent Kitchen Injuries

We have some helpful tips for preventing kitchen injuries, Some times the kitchen can be dangerous place because cuts and fires.The most important thing you should be mindful and present while cooking, Then definitely you can enjoy cooking without any injuries.

  • Keep a first-aid box on kitchen.
  • Don’t allow children’s in the kitchen while cooking.
  • Use spoon for tasting the food, Never taste by dipping your finger into food while cooking.
  • Avoid wearing polyester clothes while cooking & keep towels away from stove. Because catch fire easily.
  • Be careful about knife and try to use cutting board for cut.


  • Never try to catch a knife & keep the sharp edge  of knife away from you.
  • Don’t leave the kitchen with food cooking on the stove.Turn off the stove when you leave the kitchen.
  • Be careful when lifting hot food.
  • Clean up floors immediately because so many possibility’s for slippery when wet.
  • Make sure all wires do not have power shortage.





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