Close Up Fire Freeze Tooth Paste : A Clever Combination

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Close Up Fire Freeze Tooth Paste : Enjoy the heat of aromatic spices and freshness of cooling agents in single pack… Get Rid of Malodours… Try This

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Close Up Fire Freeze is a clever combination of heat of aromatic spices and chilling advanced cooling agents which is innovative from most of usual toothpastes. The Idea behind the development is that the Aromatic Spices is for battle bad breath and for long lasting freshness the cooling agents.

The paste comes with Red & Blue Gel which offers an unique experience from other toothpastes. On use Fire Freeze first delivers a mild, warm tingle which cleans the tooth which is developed under the Chemosensory Technology and oil extracts of cloves, eugenol helps in this sensation.

Then the heat is built from the aromatic spices blend and the Methyl Salicylate, the Wintergreen a plat derived product with a natural warming ability. Next the intense hit of icy freshness sensation makes a long lasting freshness over brushing.

The Fire Freeze formula uses a patented technology and its the toothpaste having long lasting cooling agent in market. The toothpaste also contain Zinc Sulphate, an Anti-malodour active which provides up to 12 hours of freshness and the blend of menthol, peppermint and vanilla add an unforgettable flavour.

And the customers using the same as reported that the toothpaste will significantly reduce the malodour compared to other conventional toothpastes.

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