Smartphone OS Comparison 2015

Smartphone OS Comparison 2015
  • Smartphone OS Comparison 2015


Smartphone OS Comparison 2015 : BlackBerry is the ranked best smartphone operating system than iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Read More

Smartphone OS Comparison

Its difficult to compare the Mobile OS, because everyone have different used out of a smartphone. However we have compare four most popular operating systems Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows on it high end variant phones in terms of usability and features.

On the market share of phones released Android take first place (84.6%) with multiple brands phones and iPhone to second place (11.9%) with a single brand product. The third place is for Windows Phone (2.7%). And the Blackberry OS is on fourth position with 0.6% market share.

The availability of mobile apps are the main reason for people to select Android and iOS.

In this test we are using Google Nexus 6 with Lollipop 5.0, Blackberry Z30 with BB 10 ( OS, Nokia Lumia 930 with Windows Phone 8.1 OS and iPhone 5S with 8.1.3 Update.

Availability, Development & Design

Android and Windows are available with multiple manufacturers where iOs and Blackberry is available only with their smartphones. Selection is the main problem in iPhone and Blackberry. But they are the legends with strong legacy in Operating System history. While iPhone is getting as a status symbol where BB is a truly Business Phone with its own messenger service.

Apart of Android others are Proprietary Licensed OS to their parent company and Android is only Free and Open Source but loaded with proprietary apps and drivers. iOS is based on Darwin OS family, Android on Linux, Windows Phone on Windows NT and Blackberry 10 OS on QNX family. In the case of supported CPU structure ARM platform is base for all devices where iPhone and Android support 64 bit processors.

UI & Applications

In Android we can choose various UI that can available in Play Store which changes the usability of the phone drastically. Even we can install multiple UI and switch between the UI. Even though iPhone and Blackberry can change themes in same UI it did get to a customization level of android. But Windows Phone only can change colour and pictures in its revolutionary Metro Interface.

Only Windows and Blackberry provide a File Manager within the phone Android and iOS the third party apps are used as File Managers. Android provide vast range of apps from Play store, a highly customisable OS range CyanogenMod which is helpful for developers and a Multiple user mode which we can seen on Android only. However iOS and Windows have a guest mode with selected application and permissions. Non English Language Support and Underlining spelling checker with Built in dictionary system is standard in all the OS.

Security and Encryption

All the devices have Remote device location tracking, Remote device locking and data wipe, Proxy Servers and on device encryption. iOS and BB provide prevention on Brute Force Attack on passwords. iOS doesn’t support external storage, however the Windows Phone & BlackBerry provide External Storage encryption for data and applications but in Android its available from 3rd party applications.

iOS, Android and Windows Phone store data in cloud which is shared with American PRISM surveillance program where Blackberry is not storing in cloud. Sync data in Windows, BlackBerry and Android is updated with the cloud servers and iPhone keeps the data locally in phone itself.

Generally the Desktop Sync is not available with Android but with 3rd party application we can sync with desktop, where other OS have this feature in Standard. And iOS to another OS sharing is impossible on bluetooth in reference to security reasons.


Android is main platform peoples are working on but its not the best OS. Surprisingly the when we compared the OS rather than the popularity of OS. Android is lacking some features and security function that we seen on other OS.

In Search, iOS and BlackBerry perform better than android with backbone of Google Search. The default Android search only on internet where BlackBerry perform well with its Universal Search. its own SMS, calendar entries, Email and much more. Android browser is a remarkable feature that should enhanced. And you can have a plenty of customisation with

Windows Phone and BlackBerry included with feature-rich and functional camera app inbuilt but Android need to choose third party apps for that. iPhone has an amazing camera  which is have high quality image capturing with featured settings.

iPhone’s & BlackBerry notification is better than all platform with indicators on icons. And the location based reminders on iPhone is a truly brilliant notification feature in its stock condition. iPhone browser and its rich user interface is remarkable. However the customisation is a major threat for iOS.

BlackBerry 10 OS have a most feature rich search engine, an email and contact management system that not seen in any. And its highly customisable in its features rather than looks than any of the rivals. Also it offer a better photography and videography experience. Also BlackBerry 10 OS integrates email to OS.

About Windows Phone the OS is quite good to perform any task. But its Metro Interface which is highly convenient to use but doesn’t have any further customisation rather than changing colour from a predefined set of colour or changing images. Messaging in Windows is second to none. The Camera applications are highly appreciable which offers a different extent of photography. And its handle contact better than any OS next to BB10.

Score Sheet


  1. Android (6.5/10)
  2. iOS (6/10)
  3. Windows Phone (5/10)
  4. Blackberry (4.5/10)


  1. BlackBerry (8.5/10)
  2. Android (5.5/10)
  3. iOS (4.5/10)
  4. Windows Phone (4.5/10)


  1. Windows Phone (6/10)
  2. iOS (4.5/10)
  3. Android (3.5/10)
  4. BlackBerry(3.5/10)


  1. Android (5.5/10)
  2. BlackBerry (5/10)
  3. Windows Phone (4.5/10)
  4. iOS (4/10)

Contacts & Dialer

  1. BlackBerry (6.5/10)
  2. Windows Phone (5.5/10)
  3. Android (5/10)
  4. iOS (4/10)


  1. BlackBerry (5.5/10)
  2. Windows Phone (5.5/10)
  3. iOS (5/10)
  4. Android (4.5/10)


  1. iOS (7/10)
  2. BlackBerry (4/10)
  3. Android (3/10)
  4. Windows Phone (3/10)

Lock Screen

  1. Android (5.5/10)
  2. iOS (5/10)
  3. BlackBerry (5/10)
  4. Windows Phone (4/10)


  1. BlackBerry (8.5/10)
  2. iOS (7.5/10)
  3. Windows Phone (5.5/10)
  4. Android (3.5/10)


  1. BlackBerry (4.5/10)
  2. iOS (3.5/10)
  3. Android (3/10)
  4. Windows Phone (2.5/10)

Final Score

  1. BlackBerry (5.5/10)
  2. iOS (5/10)
  3. Android & Windows Phone (4.5/10)

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